How to Spot a Good Digitizer

I often see folks in Facebook groups asking about a design they bought that didn't come out like they'd expect, and wondering how to tell before spending their money that a digitizer is "good"! Digitizing software

Mini Composition Books and A6 Refills

Disclosure: This blog contains links to my Amazon Associates affiliate page, and any purchases you make from that page may result in Amazon store credit for me. As always, I would never recommend something that I have not

Key Fob Hardware & Purse Straps

Here are some links to key fobs, split rings and purse straps you could use in your crafting! Keep in mind that these items ship from overseas so they may take a week or two,

Key Keepers by DLB

? HEY MOMS! (or dads. Or humans.) Anyone with a wrist really. Are you tired of juggling 12 things in your hand as you try to accomplish important tasks like, I don't know, grab your child

Christmas Stocking Extravaganza!

I share a picture often on social media of our incredible stocking collection. It's the perfect display of all the stockings I have at this time and also some great fonts! I use Embrilliance Essentials


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