Hi! You’ve been directed to this page because we think you can find the answer to your question here. ? Please don’t be offended by the redirect – at busy times we can answer HUNDREDS (yes, really!) of emails a day and this is the easiest way to get through our work quickly without typing the same answers over and over, so we can get back to the fun part of the job!

Here are frequently asked questions from Designs by Little Bee customers:

? What are points; how do I use them?

You receive one point per dollar you spend (exception being if there is some kind of points special running where you get more, or we have assigned more to an item as a bonus). Each point is worth one nickel. When you go to your cart to check out, you will see the page ask you if you want to use xxx amount of points for your purchase. You must have at least 20 ($1) to begin using points. Once upon a time we had a mechanism that told you how many points you’d receive for a purchase and how much it was worth; unfortunately it went nuts and started telling people lies, lies! so we had to remove the feature and just answer this question when asked. Hopefully in the future we will have access to another feature like this!

? What size/format is this design?

All designs list the sizes and formats in the Description of the product.

? Do you ship your products internationally? Also, Where can I get vinyl/supplies/whatever in ____________?

At this time Designs by Little Bee DOES NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY.
At this time, shipping a package UNDER A POUND to another country STARTS at like $22.  I do plan to offer these shipping method on my website, and then I’ll get emails saying, “This says $35 to ship to UK, is that right??”  Yes, it’s absolutely crazy. No, I have no idea why. I do not govern those prices at all.
Regrettably, I don’t have reliable information on sources for products in other countries. My advice is, as usual, Google, Google, GOOGLE. Search for “marine vinyl (your country here).” Better advice: ask in a Facebook group. Is there a Facebook group for embroiderers in your country? If not, why not make one?!

? When will you be getting ___________ vinyl/supply/whatever back in stock??

We order vinyl, leather, zippers, and other supplies on a regular basis. Some of our vendors send products in kindof a random fashion. They’ll send half of an order this week, then half next week, for example. I can’t complain, because I’m getting my whole order, but it does keep me from ever knowing exactly what is in the box I receive. At this time I cannot say, “Oh yes, we’ll be getting more of _________ in next Tuesday.” I understand that’s frustrating for customers, and in the future we hope to be more reliable with load times and inventory. Right now, we are ?% bootstrapping this business – investing every single penny we make back into the business in some way. Wouldn’t it be cool to make 5-digit purchases from a supplier and have 500 of everything in stock? Yes. And we hope to get there. It’s just not now.

? Could you make me a key fob with ___________ and __________ on it??!

I am not accepting custom requests. I am enjoying focusing on our own ideas at this time.

? I have a question about a design. Can I email you?

If you have a general question about a design that can be answered by another embroiderer, the best way to communicate is to make a post in our group. If you have a technical issue – something that only an administrator of the website can answer – email would be fine.
Please choose ONE:
Questions regarding projects or embroidery in general: [email protected]
For shipping issues, contact David at dlbshipping (at) gmail (dot) com
Don’t worry; if you email the wrong person for your issue, we’ll trade it around to the right person. ??
If your issue is with Etsy, we also check messages there.

Occasionally we have a customer who is upset that a post in the group wasn’t answered by one of the admins; although there are a handful of us, and we try to stay on top of being helpful, it is just not possible to be interactive with thousands of people, twenty-four hours a day. Our group moderators participate on a volunteer basis, so we make no demands of their personal time to help with customer service type issues. I always suggest Facebook groups before personal communication because I actually like “group-sourced” opinions or advice. If you need personal help with a specific aspect of embroidery, asking thousands of people is always better than asking one!