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It’s past time that I created an FAQ list of my recommendations for snap tab supplies and instruction. I have videos as well as suggestions for where I get my snap tab supplies. Many of these supplies can be used for other projects as well, so they’re good investments in crafting!

First, you need embroidery designs. I have a whole bunch at www.designsbylittlebee.com. Search for the words “set,” “bonus,” or “sale” to see listings for value packs! 

In my opinion, stabilizer can be tearaway or cutaway. I just use whichever I grab first. 

Next, let’s talk fabric/material. You CAN use any fabric you’d like. Cotton or woven fabric will fray after you cut and display your keychain. Some people like that look. To minimize fraying, use Heat-n-Bond Lite on your fabric before stitching, and/or use a product like Fray Check to seal the edges. 

If you are not going for the frayed look, you need to use a fabric that does not unravel at the edges. I advise against using felt, because of the way that felt moves and shifts while being stitched – especially with a dense-ish embroidery design. I love using marine vinyl! Marine vinyl can be purchased at your local JoAnn in some basic colors like black, white, red, and yellow. If you’re looking for more variety in colors, there are several online retailers who sell beautiful colors in vinyl. I use MiKri World, and they also feature a gorgeous array of glitter vinyl. Yes, I said GLITTER! This vinyl has a stunning glitter sheen, but none of the flaking and mess. The glitter look is sealed inside the vinyl!

Next, you’ll need snaps. The most common size used is size 20, but of course you’re free to choose another size if you want. If you’re totally new, you’ll need to purchase the whole beginner kit, which includes an awl and the handheld snap press. Tabletop presses are a good investment if you plan on using snaps often. Ready to stock up again or need a new variety of colors? I sell a large assortment on my website here, or you can grab packs on Amazon snaps for a great Prime price

Finally, you will need hardware to hang your snap tab. Some folks use plain split rings. I really like the look of the D-rings and lobster clasps. The width of your D-ring will depend on the digitized design – all of mine are just under 3/4″ wide, which means you will need a D-ring approximately 3/4″ wide. I have purchased mine from a variety of places; these days I always order from Amazon because I’ve found great deals on the perfect size

Need embroidery software to add names, numbers, monograms, or sort your projects into a larger hoop? I use Embrilliance. I have a video on adding personalization to ITH projects, if you need a refresher.

Finally, you’ll want to watch a tutorial video to get the hang of your new project. Here’s mine.

You should be ready to go! Need additional help? Ask questions in my Facebook group to see if anyone else is having the same problems and you can help each other along!

Happy stitching!