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Not ready to dive in with the Crop-a-Dile yet? That’s okay! You can install eyelets using a simple anvil (“smusher” ?) that comes with many eyelet kits. It is a set: a round disc and a metal post.

First, grab your project with an eyelet tab. I’m using my tank key fob.

Punch a hole in your eyelet tab. I use my Crop-a-Dile. You can use a leather punch. You can also poke a hole with a craft knife or small scissors, and trim out a little circle.

Grab your eyelet. Smush it through the hole from front to back (“pretty” side should be on the front of your project).

Now grab your anvil and post. Place your eyelet THROUGH the little post on the disc, PRETTY SIDE DOWN. The disc should have a little groove where the eyelet will fit nicely.

Now take your post and put the hole in the post over the smaller post on the disc. You should see the flat end of the post at the top like this:

Okay so at the time I’m writing this blog I could NOT find my hammer! I looked all over. I looked for fifteen minutes. I ended up using the plastic end of some fabric scissors which was a horrible decision but whatever, what’s done is done.

1. Be sure to place your disc on a firm, stable surface like a heavy wood table or a concrete floor. I placed mine on our garage floor; if I’d pounded away while on the plastic table shown, it would have done nothing.
2. Be sure to use a hammer or other heavy tool. See how the back of my eyelet did not “flower” out very much? That’s because I was using a plastic scissors handle. Don’t do that. Use something heavy. A lightly smushed eyelet is an eyelet that may fall out with normal use.

Maybe beating an eyelet post feels good to you after a long day. But if you tire of using the anvil, grab yourself a Crop-a-Dile at Amazon or your local craft store. It’s the bomb!