I just wanted to do a QUICK blog on Intro Pricing. It’s been a topic of conversation between some popular digitizers and I’ve spent time thinking about it myself.

I’m not really sure who started doing “intro pricing” on embroidery designs, but I’ve sure benefited from it over the years! Think about it. Is there any other industry that offers 50% off on something that’s brand new? Of course not! That’s a clearance deal. So why do digitizers do this with embroidery designs? Well, we don’t know!

As a digitizer, I do offer an “intro” deal on the vast majority of my designs. But I reserve the right to price an item at regular price as soon as it hits my shop. And I do, on occasion. If there’s a design that is exclusive to me, that has taken me a while to develop, and/or that I think will be very popular, I may price it upfront at regular price. I take pride in my work and if I have had special artwork commissioned to digitize, or I drew a design myself, or it has taken me a month or more to stitch it just so.. Yes, I want to collect the appropriate compensation for my time and skill.

I also offer freebies occasionally and publish tutorials on my YouTube channel in an effort to communicate with my buyers and make sure they feel that they’re getting value from their DLB designs! I offer sales occasionally, but not often enough that I feel I’m devaluing my work.

I really love what I do, but it’s also a job. I try to be as helpful and provide the best customer experience possible, but I do still have to work and make money while doing it, and the thought I put into pricing reflects that. This is why you may not see everything in my shop at an “intro” price.