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I found a few things on my last JoAnn trip I’d like to share!

If you like to use real leather in your projects, stop by the crafts side of the store to check out what’s in the leather crafting section. There are lengths of leather as well as big scrap packs.


I sometimes use leather scraps for key fobs and other in the hoop projects that I want to have a “classy” look instead of the usual cutesy stuff that appeals to my taste.






First, the usual marine vinyl that I stock up on when I have a good coupon. At my location, it’s with the home decor fabrics; it is thick and has a large diamond-looking print on the back:

My JoAnn has a pretty good selection. I also like to check out the assortment of other fabrics they have near the vinyl.

For more “non-fraying” fabric to play with in the hoop, I go to the faux leathers over in apparel fabrics. I’m not a sewist; I started out in embroidery. So I’m just ignorant enough to try new fabrics for projects that I’ve never used before. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t!

Next up, something EVERYONE asks about: eyelets! I found an assortment of eyelets in different sizes and I was surprised to see this package of colors! I did NOT, however, see ANY in the scrapbooking section, which was a let-down.
When shopping for eyelets on Amazon, I’ve seen them called “standard” by the company that sells the Crop-a-Dile. I’ve seen the size described as 3/16″ and also the size of these Dritz eyelets: 5/32″. What a crazy fraction, right?? If you do the math, there is less than 1mm difference in these two numbers. BOTH work perfectly with my Crop-a-Dile, so I use them interchangeably.  These are the size that I use most often in my sample photos.


If you check out “Utility Fabrics,” look for blackboard/chalkboard fabric. It’s inexpensive and I like to use it for the back of projects for stiffness hat’s still easy to cut.

Swing quickly by the remnants bin to see if there is any vinyl or other fabric you’d like at a bargain.

Don’t forget to use your coupons at checkout!