(or dads. Or humans.) Anyone with a wrist really.

Are you tired of juggling 12 things in your hand as you try to accomplish important tasks like, I don’t know, grab your child so he doesn’t dart out into a busy parking lot? Ditch the ratty ribbon or the webbing fob that either doesn’t fit over your wrist or falls off of it!
No more one-size-fits-all “wristlet” fobs. Keep your keys nearby but out of the juggle zone with one of the Queen Bee’s favorite and most practical designs: the Key Keeper elastic key fob!

I became obsessed with an elastic fob when I met and had lunch with Gina Butler – yes, the famous Gigi of Gigi’s Cupcakes!! – and she gave me a bag full of Gigi’s branded goodies, including a headband made of a cute printed elastic. Unfortunately, my head is, I don’t know, there’s something wrong with it that makes it impossible for me to wear and enjoy a headband. Not wanting to waste any of her generous gift, I turned it sideways, sewed it together in an extremely hasty and haphazard fashion, and wrapped the end through one of my keyrings. The “Key Keeper” was born! Now when I’m out and about, I use it in a variety of ways. I clip it onto bags or shopping carts using my mini caribeaner. I whisk it around my wrist while out with the kids to ensure handy keys, but hands empty for holding their hands for safety.

Now we’ve got embroidery designs to make Key Keepers that are more well-thought-out than my hasty mess. This may be one of the easiest, most useful designs we’ve ever made. Get crafting, y’all!