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It’s January! And you know what that means – lots of ladies and gents with brand new embroidery machines, ready to start their embroidery journey!

I have a longer, more descriptive blog of my favorite embroidery supplies here, but I’d like to give you a quick run-down.

These are products that I personally use and recommend. Of course, embroiderers all swear by their own favorite supply or brand, and I encourage you to buy in small quantities and experiment to find what you like best!

I buy almost all of my supplies from Amazon, so I’ll provide you with those links so you can buy, or just check out the pictures and descriptions and buy locally if you’d like. For a comprehensive book on really getting started with your embroidery machine, with eight step-by-step projects with illustrations, check out my Beginner’s Workbook on Amazon or Etsy.

Start with stabilizer. You’ll want to get, at a minimum, a roll of tearaway and a roll of cutaway.

I love, and have been using for years, Organ brand needles. I use 75/11 ballpoint 99.9% of the time. Different projects may call for different needles – more heavy duty, or sharp. But I use these most.

You’ll also need bobbins. These vary by machine, so check out your machine’s user manual to see which size/style you need. I buy Magna-Glide prewound bobbins for my multi-needle.

A great pair of scissors is a must. I love my Kai dressmaking shears for big jobs, Gingher 4″ curved scissors for applique fabric trimming, and a small pair of basic snipping scissors for trimming threads, etc.

Thread is so fun to buy! There are many brands and styles to choose from. My personal favorite thread is Isacord; I’ve been using it since I began embroidery and have never had the first problem with quality. I pay approximately $5 for a 1000m spool or $12 for a 5000m spool. There are some great gift sets on Amazon, including this adorable 12-spool tin or this amazing set of 35 of their most popular colors.

The next supplies will depend on what you’re anxious to make first. Do you need zippers? Snaps? Fabric? Start shopping for designs at designsbylittlebee.etsy.com and join our Facebook group, and you’ll find your favorite projects to create in no time!