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Along with our embroidered/appliqued and heat-n-bond/sewing project shirts for our Disney trip, I also found a project on Pinterest that I really wanted to try. I do not follow sewing patterns well, but I knew I could hand sew some buttons! So off I went to make these simple button shirts.

* Before you begin, make sure you take into account safety guidelines for creating clothing for babies/small children. You do not want to create something with small pieces, no matter how well secured, for an infant who could choke should something come loose. As always, craft responsibly! *

The materials needed and instructions are so easy!
The materials you’ll need are things you probably already have:

  •  a shirt
  • buttons
  • scissors
  • a needle and thread
  • outline of the shape you’re creating.

First, I found an outline of the Mickey Mouse head online and printed it out on cardstock (so it would be a little more rigid and easy to outline). I placed the object onto my shirt and traced using a light yellow tailor’s pencil. You can use any light marker or pen – the buttons will cover the line but you still probably don’t want to use a Sharpie or dark marker.

Next, simply start sewing your buttons onto the line you’ve traced! Of course there are several ways you could do this. After creating two shirts, I thought maybe I should have put a dab of hot glue on each button to stick it onto the shirt, then sewed them on. I dunno, maybe next time I’ll try it that way.

I sewed my buttons onto two shirts while my boys ate a snack and watched Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. How’s that for multi-tasking? (Yes, I’m aware you can machine sew buttons! That’s just not how I chose to do mine.)

All done! See how easy that was? This would be a cute idea with any kind of silhouette or color scheme! Maybe I’ll make myself one with a bow! 😉

My boys loved theirs and only tried fooling with the buttons for a few minutes. And I used the HNBL/sewing project to add their names to the back of each shirt for an absolutely adorable handmade piece of wearable art!