At least once a day I am asked if I am an affiliate, or have a referral link, for this or that product, subscription, or website. So let’s put them all in one place!

I earn money using Amazon Associates, which is their affiliate program. Any of my blogs that contain affiliate links through Amazon contain a disclosure notice at the beginning, and I have a little blurb to the right of my home page as well, just to make sure you always know that you’re clicking on an affiliate link when you’re surfing my blog. 🙂 If you use my affiliate link when you do your Amazon shopping, I get a small credit on what you purchase! And it doesn’t even have to be craft related.

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I am an affiliate for Embrilliance software, and I highly recommend their software at every turn! I have a “My Favorite Things About Embrilliance Essentials” blog here; if you don’t need that and are ready to buy, you can simply click on my affiliate link here, and you will be directed to the Embrilliance home page where you can purchase any software.

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One way I stay sane when I’m working in my craft dungeon (basement) for hours on end is by keeping up with my favorite tv shows and movies via Hulu! I pay for a commercial-free subscription; they have several plans so you can choose what’s right for you. Click here to check out the plans.

Every month I treat myself to a bag of awesome makeup samples delivered to my door for just $9.99 via the subscription service Ipsy. I’m not a makeup girl at all, but I’ve found some awesome products that I enjoy using thanks to Ipsy! Sign up for your own Ipsy bags here.

I think that’s it, but I will add more if I think of other links I can share!