* 37 pages * (Ecommerce Embroidery)
* 59 pages * (Beginner’s Workbook)

*~* Beginner’s Workbook *~*
When I began machine embroidery five years ago, I had no idea what I was doing and I spent hours on the internet searching for tutorials, videos, asking ignorant questions in groups on Facebook and sewing forums, etc. to find out what exactly I needed to do begin embroidering. The manual told me how to load the bobbin, needle, thread.. insert a flash drive.. but how do I applique? What is a feltie? What kind of stabilizer do I use?

I saw a gaping hole in the embroidery market in 2011, and I intend to fill that gap with this workbook now.

This lovely spiral-bound workbook includes chapters explaining common embroidery terms, describing types of stabilizers and when to use them, tips on choosing your first embroidery machine, eight design projects complete with pictures so you can create eight different styles of embroidered items. (Please see the pictures for a screencap of the Table of Contents.)

ALSO included with your download are FIFTY points, good for a nickel each, to use for future purchases on my site. ūüôā

*~* Ecommerce Embroidery *~*

When I began selling my embroidered goods on Etsy, there was no manual or how-to guide to tell me where to begin. I learned everything I know by perusing other shops, using the heck out of Google, and comparing myself to other people who created similar items on the platform of my choice (Etsy). I wanted to write a tutorial-type book to share the information I’ve learned over the years about selling embroidered goods online.

Although I continually use Etsy as a reference in my book, I believe that you could substitute any e-commerce site in its place and still learn a lot of valuable information, so keep that in mind. Logos and graphics, marketing yourself, customer service are the same no matter where you sell. My goal is to help you succeed in online sales with your embroidery work, no matter which host you choose.

You may download your books immediately after your Etsy purchase is complete (please be patient if it takes a moment for etsy and/or paypal to process your payment – I have no control over their checkout system).

Due to the digital nature of an e-book, NO REFUNDS are offered. If you have any questions, please message me first and I’ll try to answer your questions before you make your purchase.

You MAY print this workbook out and bind it however you’d like for your own use. You MAY NOT print the workbook to share, email it to a friend, or sell it in physical form. I ask of you to please respect the months of work that have gone into this publication and direct your friends or peers to my shop if they’d like to purchase one of their own. This is a copyrighted book, and reproduction of anything in it without my permission is illegal.