You’ve got an embroidery machine, you’ve perused some awesome designs from the talented sellers on Etsy, you’ve filled a cart and clicked “Submit Order.” Uhhh.. now what?

I remember the first purchase I made on an embroidery design website. I had no idea what I was doing! Luckily I’m a natural problem solver so I just poked around until I figured it out. For those of you who are new to embroidery and/or Etsy, let me save you the “poking” and just show you how to get to the fun part!

First, you fill your cart and check out just like any other e-commerce website. You should receive an email that says, “Your files are ready to download!” It looks like this:

Click on that orange button.
If you did not get this email or can’t find it, no biggie. Just go to your Etsy page, click on the top right corner “You,” click on “Purchases and Reviews,” and there will be all of your orders. 
Seeing your purchases, it’s very easy now to grab your files! Just click the “Download Files” button. 
This will download a .ZIP folder to the place you’ve previously decided on your computer. I have all of mine download to my desktop, for example.
Now you need to unzip the folder. This is easy. Right click on the .ZIP folder and select “Extract all” and your computer will ask you where to place a new folder, with all of the files inside that folder, ready to access. 
Drag the format your machine reads over to your flash drive, or machine (if you’re connected to your machine via cable, like I am). Or open up your software and bring in a file to start customizing your new design!
Have fun!