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A lot of my fans are growing their businesses a few bucks at a time, or making some coffee money, by selling snap tabs on Etsy or another website (great!!). So the question is coming up – what’s the best way to mail these things??

Well, I’ve been selling my amazing Golden Girls snap tabs for almost a year now, and I go the easy route – prepare all four snap tabs, fold them up into a piece of tissue paper, and include a postcard I had printed at Vistaprint that has a collage of samples of my work, a coupon code, and space to write a personal message if I choose.

Then I place this into a plain polymailer (mine are yellow to match my bee theme – there are lots of different fun prints available on Amazon!), with my Dymo label affixed, and bam! into the mailbox she goes.

Alternately, you could purchase bulk packs of bubble mailers on Amazon or at Sam’s, and/or you could place your snap tabs in little bubble wrap bags inside your polymailers.

Whatever you choose, remember that postal equipment can be rough on small packages like this, so make sure they are ready for the ride and will arrive to your customer in the same great quality that it left your hands!