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I had an appointment this morning that cancelled on me after I’d already left the house. So I whipped over to Michaels to grab a few things and take some pictures of where I find eyelets in the store.


First I had to get past the WHOLE AISLE of notebooks at the front of the store without getting distracted. Lord knows the last thing I need is more notebooks! PRESS ON! To the eyelets!

At our location, there are a few selections in the papercrafting section on an endcap. I noticed that these boxes do not have a size (that I could find). But they look like what Memory Keepers brand calls “standard” and I use the 3/16″ size hole and press on my Crop-a-Dile. Also notice that the Crop-a-Dile at Michaels is $29.99, so don’t forget to use your coupon to bring it down to the same price you can get it on Amazon.

There is also a small selection of plain-colored eyelets in my Michaels store in the back with their limited sewing/upholstery type stuff. Last time I got this weird size: 5/32″. That’s a fraction of a millimeter smaller than 3/16″. And they worked with my Crop-a-Dile just fine! This time I noticed that there are two sizes available: 5/32″ and 3/16″. I’ve found in my own experience that the Crop-a-Dile is very forgiving and I’ve used a range of similar sizes with lovely results.



I ended up getting the ones from the papercrafting section in white, and one box in silver. These are both useful if I don’t have the right color option for a particular project.

Here is the hole punch that’s the perfect size for a standard 6-ring A5 binder. Bonus: it’s seafoam color! If you’re punching any of your own printables for your A5 notebook, grab this hole punch.

And while I was in line I managed to resist getting these absolutely adorable coffee shaped paper clips. They were just $2. Here’s to self-control!