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Every embroiderer knows that favorite thread brands and types vary from one machine to another, one stitcher to another. You may have your favorites already; if you haven’t found a tried and true thread brand yet, I’ll tell you what has worked for me, and maybe it will work for you, too!

When I began embroidering, I purchased the thread that my dealer recommended, which is Isacord. In my experience over five years, they did not steer me wrong! I love Isacord. Very few breaks, lovely quality, and a beautiful array of colors from which to choose.

If you’re just starting out and wanting to try a good quality thread, you may want to invest in a small variety pack like this one. You get all of your basic colors that you need to get started! In my experience, the average price for a small spool (1000m) of this brand is $6.

I still purchase small spools at my local store; for larger cones that I use often, I buy them from a store I found on eBay. They ship very fast!

I’ve also had great experiences with Exquisite brand thread. It is about half the price of Isacord at my local shop; if I have a super bargain shopping customer who is asking for something specific, I can grab a spool of Exquisite thread for a few bucks and not feel bad if I don’t use it again for a long time. They also produce my favorite line of variegated threads, called Medley. Have you ever used a variegated thread? Go grab one! I just love watching the way the colors stitch out differently for every project! To the left, a monogram frame using variegated thread for the pumpkins. I love the textured look! Or use variegated thread for a satin stitch, to give an awesome striped look with no fuss, like I did on my son’s helicopter shirt below.

The last thread I have experience with is called Glide, and I have purchased it from MiKri World Craft Supplies. It’s reasonably priced, shipping is fair, and they are FAST to turn around an order! Be sure to check out their other embroidery supplies, especially the vast array of craft vinyls.
Of course, as we all know with thread, each embroiderer has his or her own favorite! With which brands have you found success?