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I recently became an affiliate for Embrilliance software, meaning that I get a small credit whenever someone purchases any of their software modules via my affiliate link! This is very exciting for me, as I have been recommending Embrilliance to anyone who will listen for the four+ years that I’ve had it! It feels like every day that I am asked, “Why do you like Embrilliance software so much?” so I decided to write a blog about it!

Well, besides the fact that I now contribute financially to my family in a meaningful way via using Embrilliance’s digitizing module, I also still regularly use the other modules of my software, like Essentials and Alpha Tricks. Since Essentials performs the functions that most beginners are looking for, I’d like to tell you my favorite things about that module.

1. Resizing in Essentials is fast, easy, and reliable.
Resize a design or font to your liking (up to approximately 250% or down to approximately 50%) and Essentials will change the stitches to accommodate your editing. You know how when you blow up a design in your machine, the stitching gets rather wonky, fast?! Use Essentials to resize before you stitch, and the density and underlay are altered for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

2. Did someone say .BX FONTS?!
.BX fonts are unique to Embrilliance software, and allow you to type a name, word, or phrase into your software using your keyboard instead of dragging letters one at a time into your software or machine. Additionally, if you decide you don’t like the font you chose, you simply scroll through your font collection and change it to a new one. Don’t like that one either? Select another! It’s so easy.
Essentials also allows you to instantly create monograms, curve your text, and more.

3. Two words: Color Sort.
I specialize in snap tabs and other styles of ITH designs for small hoop users (4×4 and 5×7). I often try to have in mind that these gals (and guys) may be creating items for loved ones, an event, or to sell at a craft fair, so I create many of my popular designs “sorted” to allow the customer to stitch 2 or more in a hoop at once, cutting way down on their project time!
All digitizers do not do this, and I don’t even do it with every single design. If you have Essentials, you’re all set using your Color Sort function. Simply Copy and Paste your design as many times as will fit within your hoop, choose “Color Sort” and save to the folder of your choice, or your machine. The design will stitch out every step that has the same color in order. For example, if you managed to fit four felties in one hooping, all of the placements will stitch at once. Then you can place your felt, and all of your first detail will stitch, then the next and next, and finally, the final bean stitch will go around all four felties at the same time.

4. There are no additional upgrades or updates to purchase.
As with all Embrilliance modules, once you purchase Essentials, it is yours to use with no additional costs. Of course, we’d love it if you keep coming back to buy more software (hello, affilliate credit!), but there are no extras, strings, or sneaky upgrade fees to continue using the software year after year.
Want to add Enthusiast? Go ahead! Need Density Repair Kit? Buy it! And when the Embrilliance team comes out with an update, you simply visit their website to download your new version. That’s it.

5. Customer service is quick, friendly, and helpful.
Maybe no one but Brian and Lisa have any idea the number of “stupid” questions I’ve asked over the years. They have told me on more than one occasion that a “Ticket” is not just for a technical issue – you can use it as a way to ask any question that you have about using your software!

Embrilliance also has an active Facebook page AND group!
The Facebook business page is here.
The Facebook group (Brilliant Embrilliance) is here.

Ready to invest in your hobby or business by purchasing any of the Embrilliance modules? Get your mulah ready and visit here.