Simple Bodysuit and Skirt Tutorial

Everybody always raves over my simple bodysuit and skirt combos! I happily accept the praise, but I have to tell you, guys.. It is SO EASY!Most people who follow my Etsy page, Facebook group, or

ITH Stuffie Tutorial

Stuffies are fun and adorable projects to create, with 95% of the work being done in your embroidery hoop! Here’s a general step list for creating an ITH stuffed project. Keep in mind that detail

The Paperclip Feltie

I'm sure you've seen in popular etsy shops lately the trend of using feltie designs for paperclip toppers to make adorable placeholders in books, folders, or my very favorite - a planner!I am a planner

How to Download Your Etsy Purchase

Once a week or so I receive a message on Etsy asking me to explain how to download a purchased .ZIP file. As you can imagine, it becomes very time-consuming to respond to every message

Hooded Towel Tutorial

Have you seen the precious hooded towels made by your embroidery peers in a Facebook group or shown off by a digitizer trying to sell you their cute design? Have you ever thought, "Of course theirs looks


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