Here’s a handy FREE guide to making your own travel notebook inserts with plain paper! These are especially useful for the key fob/snap tab tiny notebook covers you can make with Designs by Little Bee files (coming soon).

Download and use this easy guide to make notebooks in just minutes.


**THIS IS NOT A PATCH, NOTEBOOK, OR A PHYSICAL ITEM.** This is a PDF printable tutorial to make your own notebook  inserts.

The tiny embroidered notebook cover mentioned in the tutorial is available here (coming soon)

Other notebook covers can be found here:

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You may not give, share, alter, or sell this tutorial or present it as your own work.  You MAY link to this tutorial and let all your friends know where to download their own copy.

For embroidery designs:
You MAY use my designs to make your own items for sale online or to the public. You MAY NOT sell my designs as your own or alter them and sell them as your own. My designs are often hand-drawn and always hand-digitized; not only is it rude to claim them as your own, it’s also illegal. I can and do take action against people who attempt to sell my designs as their own work. Thank you for respecting the time and effort I put into making designs.

If you have a problem with the design, please message me ASAP! I need to know of problems so I can go in and fix them, and I will gladly send you a file with the corrected design if you find an error.