It’s May, and your little kidlets are bursting out of the schoolhouse doors and through the neighborhoods, ready for a summer of fun! I have an awesome new craft to share with you that will keep them busy for at least ten minutes. The best thing about this activity is that it’s reusable.

First, search for “linework” at our website. You will find my newest creations that are simply bean-stitched outlines of adorable characters. Select what you’d like and stitch it out on your favorite tee, tote bag, or other white/light-colored item.

Next time you’re at Target or Wallyworld, grab a pack of washable markers in the school supplies section. Present your embroidered item and the markers to your favorite kid or kid-at-heart and get to work!

When your artist is finished, wear or use the item! When you’re ready to change up the look, simply toss it into the washer. Lay flat to dry, then iron and color all over again!

My boys love the characters, and they also love the shirts I made with their names using my coloring font.