This morning I braved the Black Friday crowds to visit one of my favorite places – Bath & Body Works! They had a Buy 3 Get 3 Free sale, so I grabbed a few items. To be honest, I already collected all the winter sanitizers so I didn’t have a long wish list!

In this blog I will link you to the products on Bath & Body Works’ website, and the corresponding Designs by Little Bee ITH project/fob!


First, the oversized lip balms. The one pictured is a sunscreen lip balm, but there were some other “big balms” as well.

I can’t find the sunscreen balm online, but here is a similar balm, which is right behind my hand in the photo (Incidentally, the Bigelow balms are some of my favorite lip balms ever!). You need to look for a “fat” lip balm. Those will fit in a DLB Big Balm key fob, which comes in several styles.       



Next up, another Bigelow favorite – the Mentha lip shine and lip tint. You can get these here online, and here is the corresponding DLB Lip Gloss Fob.


1 ounce hand creams are favorite for a “happy” or stocking stuffer! You can get the B&BW travel size cuties here, and there are different styles of fobs for your handbag available here. Check out the leopard heart print and donut fobs! 😍





Finally, a new favorite of mine – Flavor Burst Lip Gloss! These are seasonal, but there is a line called Glossies that are a tinted gloss in the same size tube. These fit in my newest lip gloss fob, the Tall Skinny!



I took a crayon sanitizer holder on this trip and left it in the sanitizer bin. I wish I could see the confused look when someone realized it was there!





Happy shopping at Bath & Body Works AND Designs by Little Bee! 🐝