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The Crop-a-Dile makes it easy to punch 1/8″ or 3/16″ holes in paper, plastic, vinyl, and more. I’ve only used mine for eyelets, but it is billed as a grommet “and more” setter. I have a tutorial for using the Crop-a-Dile, and I’ll link a couple of videos that show other crafters using theirs, too!

I usually use 3/16″ sized eyelets like these, but today I ran out so I foraged around in my craft room and found a set of 1/8″ that I didn’t even know I had. Using the guide for changing out the dies on the Crop-a-Dile, I quickly reset it for the smaller eyelets and it worked perfectly!

I got a package of 1/8″ eyelets from Michaels in the scrapbooking section; here is a link to a similar product on Amazon.

The smaller eyelet worked perfectly and I really liked the unobtrusive look of the smaller hardware. However, I felt it was harder to get the key ring through that small hole. I think it would just depend on the project you’re using them for, and maybe your hand strength. But it was cool to find out that I could use either size!

You can’t really tell by the photo, but I love using my flat keyrings that I purchased on Amazon. They look so much more polished than regular “tubular” kind of rings.

Here is a photo of the eyelets I have from Michaels, as well as a guide to the Crop-a-Dile settings in case you’ve lost your instructions!

Here are a few links to YouTube videos with crafters using their Crop-a-Dile to embellish projects:
1. My tutorial
2. Attaching canvas snaps
3. Demo
4. Blitsy Crafts Demo
5. HSN Demo