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I have both Fast Frames and Durkee EZ Frames for my Brother PR655.

These frames come with an arm that clips into your machine just like a hoop would. Then you screw the size frame of your choice onto the arm, clip your stabilizer around it (or use sticky), and start embroidering!! I find these invaluable to ITH embroidery. I clip my stabilizer and bang out a key fob in minutes. So much easier than hooping stabilizer, in my opinion.

I have always loved my Fast Frames for ease of use, but I do use my EZ Frames more often now. Why? The EZ Frames are more substantial – the metal is thicker. They do still bop a little when I get close to the frame, but nowhere near the bouncing of the Fast Frames!

I also love using my 8×12 EZ Frame, which I purchased at Applique Getaway in 2017 from the Durkee booth. I have not seen this size in a Fast Frame. It’s so easy to use! I clip and pin stabilizer well around the edge of the 8×12 frame, and go to town! I can make 12 or more key fobs in this fashion, depending on size. It’s so much easier than hooping stabilizer on my traditional hoop.

One thing I do prefer about the Fast Frames is that they seem to secure better to the arm. You can see the tiny holes at the base of each frame. These secure onto tiny matching “knobs” or pegs on the arm. Then you screw it on tightly. In this way, you are sure that they’re secured correctly. With the EZ Frames, there are two “slots” which slide into two screws, and you tighten the screws. But because there are no “pegs” they don’t “snap” into place like the Fast Frames.

If you’re considering buying either, I highly recommend checking them out first at your local shop or asking a friend if you can come over and touch and use hers. Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks!

Do you have either of these sets? Which do you prefer to use?