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You’ve seen the gorgeous snap tabs available at www.designsbylittlebee.com, and now you’re ready to stitch some. But you don’t know where to get the materials! Well, this quick blog can help.

First you need a fabric. You can use a regular fabric, but it will fray on the edges with use. If that’s the look you want, go for it! You can also iron heat-n-bond lite fusible adhesive onto the back to minimize the fraying. If you do not want any fraying, you need to use a non-fraying fabric like marine vinyl. JoAnn sells a small selection of colors in marine vinyl, like white, red, royal blue, and yellow (selection varies by location).

For a larger selection of colors, as well as glitter sheets of vinyl, you can visit a variety of online sellers, for example MyPunkbroidery or Sweet N Sassy Blanks. I’ve even found vinyl at Walmart!

You can glue the tab down over hardware, or sew it together. You don’t need snaps. But if you do choose to use them, we sell them over at our website. You can also purchase them in many color varieties on Amazon.


Finally, you’ll need hardware. I love using these D-rings with lobster claw attached. You can also use split rings, and I recently found these flat split rings in different colors on Amazon, and I love using them! They give a


beautiful and professional finished look.

You can use tearaway or cutaway stabilizer. Each snap tab has a backing to cover the “ugly” back of the embroidery stitches. You can use the same vinyl you used on the front, or a scrap. You could use felt or chalkboard fabric. Tip: if you use glitter vinyl on the back, it tends to stick to the machine underneath your hoop (single needle). To eliminate this, place a scrap of tearaway or water soluble stabilizer underneath so it glides over the machine.

For a professional finished look, use your favorite quality scissors to trim carefully around your snap tab. I love my Kai Dressmaking Shears.

Are you ready to start stitching up some snap tabs? Hop over to the key fob section of our website and grab a few!