(that you can make with your embroidery machine)

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?? One of the best parts of the holiday season for a crafter is planning what personalized gifts we will create for our loved ones. For an embroiderer, the possibilities are just about endless! In this blog I’ll showyou my top ten stocking stuffers that you can make with your embroidery machine.

First, you need a stocking, right? Well, you can make those with your embroidery machine, too! Browse the selections over at Designs by Little Bee and select your favorite.

What shall we put into these gorgeous stockings?

Pen Toppers

✋ Hello, my name is Melissa and I am obsessed with pens. I by pens from Target, Walmart, Dollar tree, online, anywhere pens strike my fancy! I have more pens than I think I could ever use in my life. The only thing that makes enjoying my favorite gel pens or ballpoint pens better is when they have a cute pen topper peeking at me as I write!

Snap Tabs

A keychain makes a great gift for anyone! From cartoon to cutesy to masculine to gift card holders, a snap keychain is perfect for any occasion. Attach it to something really special like the key to a new car. Now that’s a stocking stuffer they’ll never forget! Many can also be personalized with a name, initial, or monogram, too! DLB snap tabs work great with this hardware purchased on Amazon.



Cord Keepers

If there’s one thing that’s universal these days, it’s cell phones. And what do cell phones need? Charging cables! Whip up a great little trinket to keep those cords in check with one of our adorable cord keepers. Need snaps? They’re available on our website, and also online at sites like Amazon.

Lip Balm Holder

Maybe this is just me, but I am never without my lip balm. If I get somewhere, and realize that I don’t have it, I go into a mild state of panic. Thanks to my lip balm holding keychains, I am never without my trusty lip balm! Plus, it’s like giving two stocking stuffers in one!



Zipper Bag

Who couldn’t use a handy zipper pouch? From keys to coins to feminine items to flash drives, everyone could use a little bag for something. And again, you could spruce it up by inserting something exciting that you know the recipient will love!








Bookmark / Book Band

Do you know an avid reader? You can whip up book bands or bookmarks in minutes in the hoop using your embroidery machine and vinyl or fabric scraps you have lying around! Different styles can stand alone, or be made with ribbon or elastic. Each style comes with an instructional PDF to get you on your way.


Stuffed Pocket Ornament

What a perfect Christmas gift! Stitch up a little stuffed pocket ornament and place special treats inside the pocket for your loved one to discover on Christmas morning. It’ll go straight from stocking to tree, and serve as a great memory for years to come.


Badge Reel

Anyone who uses an ID or access card for work would be thrilled to receive a decorative badge reel in their stocking! Stitch out felties of your choice, cut them our, grab some craft glue, and affix them to blank badge reels!


Personalized Goodies

If it’s not monogrammed, is it even yours? Monogram or personalize any little stocking stuffer using one of DLB’s beautiful fonts. Check back for new ones often, because we have incredible intro prices on new sets!


Planner or Planner Goodies

Anyone who is crafty and likes to plan would put a new planner to great use! Our Hive Planner is the perfect way to stay organized. Add to the appeal by grabbing a gel pen, roll of washi tape, or planner accessory!