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The first question any embroiderer asks when ogling out ITH goodies is, “What fabric is that?” and/or “Where you you buy it?” The answer to this may very well surprise you. The gorgeous fuchsia fabric I used in the photo for my scalloped card holder is a faux leather from Walmart. Yes, Walmart!

Go check out what your Walmart has to offer in the way of crafts. Just this week I stopped in to look at the fabrics they had in stock and it was slim pickin’s. But I did come away with some more of the fuchsia faux leather, as well as some gorgeous checkerboard, and maroon, faux leather, random costume fabric with a scaly print, and some other pieces of fabric just to try as lining on some projects. A total of 7 yards of fabric ran me $42.

And hey, guess what else I found? Snap pliers! And snaps! They’re not as colorful as our regular assortments from Amazon, but they’d do in a pinch.

One aisle over in the general crafts, I also found some split rings in the bracelet- and jewelry-making, including bags of some in jewel tones.

One more thing I wanted to share before I go, Walmart still carries the twill ribbon that is soft and durable and so great for using with our split bookmark designs like this little llama. Grab a spool!